Tuesday, April 5, 2016

It begins

I've always loved creating things, painting, drawing, sculpting. I like making stuff. In college I started a few knitting projects. Now I quilt. I've made a few things to date, but when  the Washington DC area's Modern Quilt Guild kicked off their 2016 Quilt Along I started quilting for real. Currently I have 6 work in progress baby quilt or bigger projects and 3 finished lap quilts to my name as well as 3 I'm actively designing. That's a lot of quilting for a full-time teacher! I decided to name myself because my mom talked me into making labels for my quilts as I give them away. I chose to buy from  and the Etsy shop: Miss Label I purchased from had a box for "company name".  I decided to name myself and my enterprise, not that I'm currently intending to sell anything, but maybe one day. For now this place will be dormant. You can sift through everything and see a lot of what I'm willing to share on my quilting Instagram or my regular Instagram and my Facebook.